Tooth n Nail

by Dog Hand String Band

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Recorded as a live set, no money, no edits, no bullshit. Mixed by the bands idiot banjo player/singer and mastered on the promise of a place to stay to bide out the coming apocalypse. This is the first Dog Hand. There is another on its way. Free to download. Due dirt for true devils.


released January 28, 2017

Bass : Pete Scott
Guitar : Sam Widdop
Ennio Morricone: Sam Carter
Banjo + Growls: Cassius Langhorne
Mandolin: Jake Jellyfish
Fiddle: Derek Magee
Drums: Tom Armstrong
Backing Vocals: Backwoods Human Choir

Recorded at a secret location by Cassius Langhorne and Tim Hay
Mix: Cassius Langhorne
Master: Jan Jakub Mularzuk
Artwork: Cassius Langhorne



all rights reserved


Dog Hand String Band Leeds, UK

Formed in late 2015, then placed on feared permanent hiatus, due to the banjo players hand gettin 'bit off by a damn mutt' forthwith they dubbed themselves Dog Hand String Band. Now they're back with working fingers, righteous ire and sinister new powers.

First Ep recorded entirely live in 2 hours, representing the awful cacophony you'll see live.
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Track Name: Intro/Blood Moon Blues
Blood Moon Blues,
Four Horses Riding,
Shadows in the road
Four Horses Riding
Strangers on the Hill,
with Ghosts around their heads,
You'd be better off Dead.

Run Little Devil Run.

Setting out the dogs
Four Horses Riding
Hunt you through the fog
Four Horses Riding
For what you have done
can not be undone
can never be undone

Run little Devil Run

They'll Torture you for Who beside you Lay
And Send me rivers burst and Flooding
Let orchids grow above our ruins
They'll come for you but
You Will be gone

Run little Devil Run
Wheels Keep on Turning
Track Name: Threw You In The Well
All true love it must be dead.
Track Name: Aristabano Mountain Bar
The Liquor Here will give you scars
You'll probably wind up dead
four score your cuts and scars
for from falling on your head

drinking from the barrel
while laid out on your back
they dont abide no quarrels
you will hear that shotgun crack

and the landladies tits
swing low and far
down at aristabano
mountain bar

Dancing with a dead dog
with demons on the roof
taste that fire and brimstone
while you're swinging in your noose

raise your glass
to bastards past
make sure you drink up fast
its casket ale
they brew out back
that drink could be your last

the lightning cracks and the thunder comes

Above the doors a twisted sign
all strangers will be bled
you should take it literally
cos the pigs are real well fed

they lit that broken poultice
and the smoke blacked out the room
there aint no need for daylight
when you're drinking to your doom

Drink down that whole cup forget completely
what happened this evening
its probably best you do
cos the memories that come back will be real hazy
but they will haunt you till you're done
Track Name: Gin Shop Hollow
Black gums drinkin laudanum
her rotten teeth falling out of her gums
beckons with her crooked hand
little trails of vapour coming out of the sand

Dark girl with the darkest curls
leads you down to the underworld
lamp flickers beneath the bowl
her hearts a lump of coal you should see her soul

no no, don't you follow
besides that gin shop hollow
no tomorrow
in the alley of sweet sweet sorrow

Shes a serpent
shes a siren
twisted liar

on the bench beneath the pale glow
little orphans come to see the show
bleached skin, bleach blue eyes
got a weapon in between her thighs

here it comes with the greatest of ease
soon daylight makes your stomach churn
in the water amongst the reeds
dragging you down with her little black seeds
Track Name: Long Live The Dead
Out out you wicked spots
they're falling in the street from hell knows what
i swear it looks like strychnine
someones out there poisoning
their legs so quickly stiffening
they can't do no dancing
no dancing, no romancing, not nothing at all

and what happened to ol' smith jones?
He grinned so hard he blew his bones
well there ain't no remedy for that
just snake oil mixed up in a sack

long live the dead
and may the living be soon to go

I remember a while ago
i asked for saint antonio
a cupfull a cupfull
but the cup full never came

she came out the dessert
and she walked on wilted palms
with a little black fly blown baby boy
clutched between her arms

long live the dead
and may the living be soon to go
cos the futures always dark and this song is all we know
long live the dead and may the living be soon to go

well she came out the swamp
with that little tiny lump
held between her arms
its that that did us harm
Track Name: Behold The Crow
Oh well, the hounds
they gnash their teeth for you
And then the devil
he girds his steel for you
and then those sins
you're destined to repeat

Behold the Crow
pickin clean your bones
Behold the Crow
Picking Clean your bones
We will fight em tooth n nail

Oh well the trees
They speak your name in tongues
and then their knives
are singing to the stone
You Old black hearted
Poison through and through

Behold the Crow
Picking Clean your bones
Behold the Crow picking clean your bones
we will fight em tooth n nail